Created by Linagee on August 8, 2015 at tx: 0xf18ca6c25eafb634dac8256abe8bb2257f5ad2a1437221c22cbb6b870f97a9a7, this is the first registar contract on the Ethereum blockchain, predating ENS.
Linagee first shared the contract on reddit.

Soon the contract was forgotten. Recently I found it while decompiling every contract within the first 300k blocks of the Ethereum blockchain. I was immediately intrigued and tried my best to find the creator, but to no avail.
This led me to create this website so the community could interact with the contract and be part of history while honoring Linagee.


This registrar allows users to claim names by using the 'reserve(__name(bytes32))' function. One of these names can then be set as your primary name using the 'setAddress(__name(boolean), __a(address), __primary(boolean))' function, which the contract will resolve to your address. There are also read functions that allow one to see the resolved name associated with an address, and the address that owns a particular name.

Additionally this contract allows users to set sub-names and contents associated with their names.

Note: This contract is unverified and I therefore I cannot confirm with certainty how these functions, and contract as a whole works.


Within the Ethereum community Linagee is a legend, and somewhat of an enigma. Not only did they deploy the first registrar, they also deployed the very first smart contract on Ethereum! Throughout the next few weeks they deployed several other contracts, along with the first ownable Ethereum asset, TestCoin, which Daniel Bernstein covers in this article.

Linagee is a legend and pioneer on the Ethereum blockchain. We may not be where we are without their early work, and for that, thank you.


We cannot confirm the safety of these contracts. This website is in no way financial advice, nor am I responsible for anything that could happen. Use at your own risk, double check every transaction for accuracy, and always use a burner wallet.

The source code for this website can be found on my github.

-Mason Keresty